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Why we do what we do...

Never underestimate the healing power of touch! It's not just a tagline, it is the mantra that we live by. The owner, Nicole Edwards, started her massage therapy career in 2012 at The Woodlands, a cancer treatment center in Pensacola, FL. There she learned firsthand the healing power of therapeutic massage and the positive effect that even the simplest physical contact can have on someone's overall well being. 

To Be Touched, LLC was born out of Nicole's desire to provide holistic, customized care to her community. It is her way of giving back and educating others on the importance of self-care. We are only given ONE BODY and how we care for it directly correlates to our quality of life. What was the last thing you did to take care of yours...



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3370 Leonardtown Road

Suite 232

Waldorf, MD 20602

(301) 885-0890

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